1. What is LunchSociety?
  2. We are a weekday lunch membership offering access to the hottest restaurants for a fraction of the cost!
  3. Does LunchSociety deliver?
  4. We are pick-up only, and think of it as our daily “breath of fresh air”
  5. How do I select restaurants?
  6. First you need to be a member, then you can select from a list of restaurants on our website after you put your login details in!
  7. How do I use LunchSociety?
  8. Login with your username and password, select from a list of restaurants on our website and choose a pick-up time for your meal the day prior at 5pm when the kitchen opens up to 9:30am the day of when we close ordering for the day. The lunch will be ready for you at the restaurant, all you have to do is take a brisk walk over and pick it up!
  9. When is LunchSociety available?
  10. Monday to Friday 11:30am-1:00pm excluding holidays
  11. How do I make a change to my plan?
  12. Email us daniel@lunchsociety.ca to switch your plan in any way.
  13. When should I pickup my order?
  14. At the time you chose when you selected your meal. You can click the Google calendar reminder to make it easier to remember…
  15. When does my LunchSociety start and end?
  16. As soon as your payment has gone through and you receive your confirmation e-mail your plan starts right away and lasts for 30 days.
  17. Can I give LunchSociety as a gift?
  18. Shoot us an e-mail daniel@lunchsociety.ca and we can help you out!
  19. Do I need to bring anything when picking up my order?
  20. Bring your ID and the order confirmation e-mail. We recommend bringing a bright smile to share with the world as well :)
  21. How do I start using LunchSociety? Non-Member?
  22. If you have been given access, put your credit card details in and get started right away! If not, feel free to share on social media in your neighborhood so we can open up in your hood.
  23. How do I start using LunchSociety? Member?
  24. If you are already a member, put your login details in, sign-in and order your lunch!
  25. What are the membership plans and how much do they cost?
  26. We have two: The 12 for $6.39/meal and The 20 for $5.99 a meal.
  27. Where can I use LunchSociety?
  28. At any of the participating restaurants on our website by selecting your lunch for the day after logging in
  29. How long is a LunchSociety membership cycle?
  30. 30 Days
  31. I’m a restaurant and am interested in partnering with LunchSociety. How do I get more information?
  32. Send an e-mail to daniel@lunchsociety.ca we will send someone out to vet the restaurant to ensure it meets the criteria. Regardless we are stoked you even thought of us so thank you!
  33. How can I change my password?
  34. Log out of your account and go to the login screen. Then, select the “Forgot?” button to update your password.
  35. Do you have an app?
  36. We are web-based, but you can create a shortcut to “appify” our website on your mobile device. Click the links for iPhone and Android.

Hungry For Lunch? Join The Society.